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                Founded 1945
Impregnating Porosity Since 1962


Impregnation is a process by which a structurally sound casting or fabricated metal parts can be made pressure tight with no dimensional changes. This means there is no build up of sealant on the part's surface. This process has been utilized for over 60 years. The majority of work has been for the military. Unless manufacturing engineers have had experience on military projects requiring impregnation, the process is generally not known to exist.

The technologies used to produce military goods are also applied to commercial applications. Commercial applications are now becoming more prevalent due to the high cost of scraping parts that have been cast & machined but found to be porous. The losses incurred such as machining time, delays in delivery and poor quality can be significantly reduced by impregnation for a fraction of the cost to remake a part with no guarantee that the same problems will not occur again. The reduction in scrap loss due to porosity will allow the manufacturer a larger profit which can be passed on to the consumer allowing the manufacturer a more competitive position in the market place, not to mention a high quality part. Impregnation is a cost saving alternative to scraping parts.