T.M. Stewart, Inc.

Industrial Metal Sealant Co.

        Founded 1945

Impregnation Since 1962


Question : Can you process to Military Specifications ?

Answer:    Yes, we process to MIL-STD-276A  Method A & B

                  Materials to  MIL-I-17563C .  We are ITAR Registered.

Question : Can parts be painted before Impregnation ?

Answer : No, The Impregnant will seep under the paint during the vacuum                      process and in most cases will lift the paint.

Question: Can the parts be alodined or anodized prior to Impregnation ?

Answer : Yes, The parts should be alodined or anodized prior to impregnation. however, the color of the parts may lighten up slightly. Sulfuric anodize will etch the metal to the point where it could open up new porosity and or affect the Impregnant. Sulfuric anodize should always be performed prior to Impregnation.

Question : Should we mask the parts ?

Answer : No, Masking is not recommended. The Impregnant will seep under the masking during the vacuuming process. Blind, tapped holes are blown out with compressed air prior to curing. This way there is no build up of Impregnant in the tapped holes.

Question : What is the normal turn around time ?

Answer : Small lots of parts are usually processed in one to two days.

Question : Are you able to handle a large production of parts ?

Answer : Yes, We can handle thousands of parts a day.

Question :  How large a part can you process ?

 Answer:  We can handle parts up to 48" in Length & 26" in Diameter.