T.M. Stewart, Inc.

Industrial Metal Sealant Co.

              Founded 1945

Impregnating Porosity Since 1962


T.M. Stewart, Inc., Industrial Metal Sealant Co. was established in 1962, when it was learned that manufacturing companies were scraping valuable castings that were leaking due to porosity. Not only did it seal porosity in Aluminum and Magnesium castings, it worked very well on sealing micro cracking in chrome plate and high temp. plastics.


For over 55 years we have saved our customers millions using this proven method. We meet the following specifications MIL-STD-276A, MIL-I-17563C, MIL-I-6869,

 MIL-I-13857, MIL-I-45208. We also meet many prime contractors own specifications for Impregnation.

T.M. Stewart, Inc. I.M.S.C.O. is currently serving major prime contractors and their sub-contractors throughout the United States and Canada. We have a history of extraordinary quality at a reasonable price.

We are located at :

                                1067 Prospect Ave.

                      West Islip, N.Y. 11795-3110 USA


              Our office hours are: 5:00AM thru 3:30PM EST.

                             Phone: (631) 893-0031

                     E-MAIL otto@tmstewartinc.com