T.M. Stewart, Inc.

Industrial Metal Sealant Co.


              Founded 1945

   Impregnating Porosity Since 1962


                            T.M. Stewart, Inc.

                    Industrial Metal Sealant Co.

            High quality work at a reasonable price.

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       Military, Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial

We provide Vacuum Impregnation service to seal porosity in castings, fabricated metal parts,

high temp. plastic parts, chrome plated parts,

ceramic coated parts and other types of parts requiring sealing of porosity.

Aerostatic Pressure Testing to 200 PSI.

& Degreasing Service.

We meet the following specifications:

MIL-STD-276A, MIL-I-17563C, MIL-I-13857,

MIL-I-6869, MIL-I-45208 Inspection.

We also meet many prime contractors own specifications, such as  PS11501, STF1159,

CPC 8220.    


T.M. Stewart, Inc

Industrial Metal Sealant Co.

1067 Prospect Ave.

West Islip, NY 11795-3110.

Hours: Monday thru Friday

   5:00am - 3:30pm EST.

PH: 631-893-0031





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